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Motorway vacations are intended for drivers and travelers for vacations and the need to use the services available. At rest areas with accompanying service facilities, fuel services, a wide range of merchandise, catering services, use of public restrooms and accommodation can be used. Other services and facilities, such as Internet / wifi, banking services, roadside assistance, meeting the specific needs of disabled people and children, the possibility of using showers, pet facilities, and the possibility of informing about the tourist and cultural sights of the surroundings, are available at certain rest areas.

In addition to the standard forms of services provided so far at rest areas, there is a constant effort to modernize and increase the level of service by introducing new facilities such as alternative fuel filling stations. It is also planned to introduce additional catering facilities - fast food chains, facilities for truck drivers - guarded parking lots and truckstore facilities, as well as additional facilities for the needs of car campers, car mechanics and the like.

Therefore, we advise you to stop and rest briefly during your freeway journey through the beautiful landscapes of Croatia, so that you can safely reach your destinations, as the safety of drivers and passengers is always in the first place.


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