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Crocodile 3 Croatia

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The CROCODILE 3 corridor is a cooperation between public authorities, road administrations and traffic information service providers as logical follow up of the previous CROCODILE project phases. EU-Member States from the Central European region are working together to improve cross-border traffic and transport through implementing harmonised and synchronised ITS applications on the high level road network in this area.
The corridor involves Central European (CE) countries, thereby ensuring coordinated traffic
management and control resulting in high quality traveller information services on one of the
most important road-corridors in an enlarged Europe.
For drivers, the provision of information services along the whole CROCODILE 3 corridor before and during their journey will help them to optimise their route, respond to disruptions, and avoid hazardous situations.

Project details

  • Commencement of the project: 01.01.2018. godine
  • End of project: 31.12.2020. godine
  • Value of the project: 4.896.000,00 EUR
  • Co-financing EU fonds: 4.161.600,00 EUR




Project coordinator

  • Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o.



  • Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d.
  • Autocesta Zagreb-Macelj d.o.o.
  • Bina-Istra d.d.
  • Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. 


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