Strelica desno

Social responsibility

Code of Conduct

Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o. conduct their business in line with the adopted ethical values that are introduced in the Code of Ethics. Every employee, business associate or user can report breach of the Code, as well as any irregularity in conducting business, such as fraud or unlawfulness. HAC guarantees full confidentiality of procedure with a possibility of filing anonymous reports. If you have a complaint or information about the breach of the Code of Ethics, it can be reported via Ethics line:

  • via post to the address: Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o., Eticka linija, Širolina 4, 10000 Zagreb and by
  • e-mail eticka.linija@hac.hr

The reported claims are strictly confidential.

You are therefore asked to report any conduct that may harm the goodwill of the company or its assets.

Before filing a report bear in mind that the information that you are about to deliver can have serious consequences for persons involved in a particular case.


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