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Directive 2004/52/EC and related Decision 2009/750/EC aim to achieve the interoperability of all the electronic road toll systems in the European Union in order to avoid the proliferation of incompatible systems, which may compromise both the smooth operation of the internal market and the achievement of transport policy objectives.

The directive therefore stipulates that a European Electronic Toll Service shall be set up, which covers all the road networks and tolled (infra)structures in the Union on which road-usage is declared electronically by means of a single on-board equipment. 

EETS will allow any road user to pay easily the tolls incurred on any road or (infra)structure in the Union by means of a single subscription contract with an EETS Provider and a single item of on-board equipment. 

Commission Decision 2009/750/ EC defines EETS, inter alia by setting out the essential requirements for interoperability, as well as procedural, contractual and legal aspects relating to EETS provision. The Commission decision lays down rights and obligations on EETS Providers, Toll Chargers and EETS Users.

Furthermore, the Decision stipulates that every EU member state intending to introduce electronic toll collection on its territory shall keep a national electronic register with data and information about the roads with EETS, about Toll Chargers for a specific area, data on EETS Providers if they exist, and which have an executed contract with the Toll Chargers, particularly on EETS Providers registered in the EU member states. 

Directive 2004/52/EC
European Commision Decision 2009/750/EC

The Roads Act passed in July 2011 and its amendments from May 2013 (NN 54/13) introduced clauses 10 to 15 by which the regulations of the Republic of Croatia were complied with the provisions of the Directive EU 2004/52/EC and the European Commission Decision 2009/750/EC.

In May 2013 the Ministry of Transport passed a Rulebook on Special Conditions and Technical Requirements for European Electronic Toll Collection and Interoperability Elements comprising provision (in Clause 8) that stipulates that Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. and the Concession Companies shall meet not later than within 5 years as of the day of Croatia's EU accession, the technical requirements from Clause 4 and interoperability elements from Clause 5 of the Rulebook and ensure conditions for signing contracts with the EU EETS Provider and to allow toll payment in a manner stipulated by the Roads Act. 

The above regulations define the legal framework for establishing national interoperability as well a European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). 

The Roads Act  NN 84/11 and NN 54/13 
Rulebook on Special Conditions and Technical Requirements for European Electronic Toll Collection and Interoperability Elements NN 74/13 

National Electronic Register for the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS)

Pursuant to Article 19 of the Decision 2009/750/EC, Member States shall establish National Electronic Registers containing information on areas covered by electronic tolling system within their respective territories, as well as information on authorized EETS providers having the seat in a given Member State. The register is available to the public. 

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Roads Act (NN 84/11), the Croatian National EETS Register is kept by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia. National Register is available to the public at www.mppi.hr.


The National Register contains following information: 

A) The EETS domain within the territory of the Republic of Croatia, including information on:

  • relevant toll collection entities, (EETS providers)
  • tolling technologies employed
  • toll context data (defining the toll levels)
  • the EETS domain Statement (statement on the scope of EETS) 
  • statements of relevant entities (“Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o.” and concessionaire companies) on the conditions of concluding contracts with EETS providers.

B) EETS providers registered in the Republic of Croatia:

  • There are no registered EETS providers in the Republic of Croatia. 

HAC  - The EETS domain
HAC - Statement on the scope of EETS



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