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Toll Free Vehicles

Pursuant to the Road Act (NN 84/2011, NN 22/13, NN 54/13, NN 148/13, NN 92/14 and NN 110/19) persons with an established physical impairment resulting in 80 % or higher disability in lower extremities are exempt from toll payment as well as HRVI (Croatian Disabled Homeland War Veterans) with an established physical disability of 100% and persons with an established visual impairment of 100% for one passenger car in their possession i.e. a car they use based on the leasing agreement. 


According to the Rulebook on the procedure and entitlement to exemption from payment of the annual fee for the use of public roads and toll (NN 136/11) the exemption right is realised based on the decision issued in the administrative procedure by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, at the written request of the disabled person with an enclosed: 

  • Copy of the registration document and certificate of title to a motor vehicle 
  • Decision of the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute or 
  • Decision of the competent body in line with regulations on the rights of Croatian Homeland War veterans and members of their families or 
  • Decision of the competent body in line with regulations on special protection of war invalids and disabled workers - civilians. 

If the subject documents do not clearly show that there is a physical disability based on which a right to toll exemption is obtained, the disabled person will enclose the following documents with their request: 

  • Finding and opinion of the expert witness from the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, or 
  • Finding and opinion of the second-instance medical commission authorised to give expert opinions in line with the Act on the Rights of Croatian

War Veterans and their families or in line with the Act on the Protection of civilian invalids of war and other regulations.
After the implemented procedure in which the existence of the prescribed conditions is determined, the Ministry passes a decision with which the request for toll exemption of a person with physical disability is granted. 

A request for the SMART card issuance is delivered in person or by post to Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o., Jadranska avenija 6, 10250 Lučko. The request shall be accompanied by a: 

  • Decision of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (not older than as of 6 December 2011)
  • copy of the ID card 
  • photo size 2.5 x 3cm

The price of the SMART card issuance is HRK 20.00 when it is taken over in person, or HRK 35.00 when the SMART CARD is delivered by post. 
SMART cards issued before 6 December 2011 remain in force and allow for free use of all motorways. In case of a new vehicle or licence plates, the users shall proceed in line with the Rulebook (NN 136/11)

All information about the issuance and extension of validity of the SMART card for the disabled may be obtained on phone:
01 6504 812, 01 6504 864  or free INFO line 0800 0422

Working hours of the office of Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. at Lučko is Monday – Friday, 8 am to 4 pm


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