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Highway defibrillator

Croatian motorways maintain and charge a toll charge 35 AED (Automatic external defibrillator). It is a small, portable device, easy to use with the task of delivering electricity to people who have cardiac arrest due to rhythm disturbance. Proper use of the defibrillator, within five minutes of heart failure, can increase survival rates to above 50 percent.

Defibrillators are housed in patrol vehicles by technical units and toll stations Bregana, Zagreb East, Lipovac and St. Helena, and 180 staff (shift managers, firefighters and patrolmen) have been trained to work with them. Each location of the device is indicated by:


Given the large number of people using the highway, it is very useful to know that this type of assistance is available in all active HAC patrol vehicles. Just call 112 and let us know which part of the highway you are on.

This is exactly what happened recently on the A1 motorway - exit from the Brinje tunnel. It had a happy ending thanks to HAC staffer Davor Cindric, who through his court proceedings selflessly saved the lives of one highway user. Namely, the woman had a sudden cardiac arrest at the time of driving and Mr Cindric immediately went to the location where she was in a critical condition and, with the proper use of the defibrillator, kept her alive until the arrival of TJ Ogulin ambulance.


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