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Roadside Assistance

  • In the event of the vehicle breakdown, if there is no possibility of stopping in the parking lot along the highway, stop in the emergency lane (or SOS lay-by), right next to the edge of the road and turn on all 4 turn signals.
  • Put on a warning vest and place a warning triangle to mark the stopped vehicle at the prescribed distance (on the highway recommended distance is 100 meters).
  • Ask for the technical assistance on the road (0-24) by telephone at 0800 18 18 (Oryx Assistance) or 112 (operational communication center of the National Protection and Rescue Directorate)
  • Whene necessary, technical and other assistance can be requested on the SOS telephones along the highway (SOS telephones are distanced 2000 meters along the highway and are directly connected to the traffic control center), where you will contact the operator in the traffic control center.
  • Follow the operator`s instructions and wait for the towing or repair service in a safe place outside the vehicle.
  • In case the driver due to a malfunction of the vehicle can not remove the vehicle from the highway, highway controller will immediately issue an order for removing the vehicle from the highway to the contracted officer at the expense of the vehicle owner, in accordance with Article 45, paragraph 4 of the Law on Roads (Official Gazette 84/11), and Articles 35, 79, 140 and 180 of the Law on Road Traffic Safety (OG 67/08 and 74/11), and while the vehicle is removed, patrolman will properly mark the stopped vehicle.
  • The cost of the towing or repair service will be paid by the customer.


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