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HAC ETC mobile aplication

The application is available upon free installation in App Store and Google Play to use on iPhone and Android mobile phones. The costs of use of application via telephone are identical to all other free apps downloaded from the web.
It supports the following operating systems: 

  • iPhone iOS version 10 or newer  
  • Android OS version 6 or newer 


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HAC ENC application is intended for users of electronic toll collection (ENC) as well as users of motorways in Croatia who are looking for information on their prices and traffic conditions. With this application you can: 

  • Top up your ENC subscription accounts with a credit card, ENC voucher, Internet banking or ENC SMS system 
  • Monitor the balance of one or more of your ENC subscription accounts and ENC devices 
  • Check the cost of toll for the desired trip 
  • Find the nearest service areas or petrol stations on motorways in Croatia 
  • Find out where to purchase ENC on bord unit or ENC voucher and where to top up ENC on motorway 


If you are a user of HAC ENC, you access the application with the help of user data that you received when signing the contract at the HAC outlet. If you are not yet a user of HAC ENC, you can use the application to calculate tolls and review road conditions.

Topping up account

Users may top up their accounts with a voucher by entering or choosing the ENC on board unit and entering the code from the purchased voucher.

User registration

In order to access the private part of the portal the visitors must go through the registration process. The registered users sign in with their user name and password.

HAC info

Users may check out the most important HAC info: conditions on roads and the pricelist

Contact HAC

Includes the main contact information for Hrvatske Autoceste.

Where to buy the on board unit?

It lists the HAC outlets with their positions on the map in relation to the current location.

Instructions for use

The instructions for topping up the balance are intended for educating users about the way to use the app i.e. to top up their account, check out their account balance or to locate the nearest HAC outlet.

Terms of use of the HAC ENC application

HAC ENC Privacy Policy

Account balance

Registered user may check all of his accounts and the corresponding ENC on board units.

Passes check

Users may check the transactions on their account or for their device for a certain time period. The longest search interval is one year.

 My data

Registered user may not modify his personal data, but he may register his mobile phone. With the mobile phone registration, the user is given a possibility to top up the balance and to check it out. If the user has registered his credit card for the mobile phone, the registration status will be visible at the web site, mobile app and therefore by sending one SMS message with a quick action he will be able to top up his subscription account. One mobile is linked solely to one account and cannot be linked to several accounts.

The new HAC ENC system supports login with the entered e-mail address. If you have several user accounts at HAC, one e-mail address can only be linked to one user account.

However, each user has the option to invite other users to check the balance of the relevant subscription account in a few simple steps. In this way, it is possible to have an insight into all subscription accounts of another user on one user account.





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