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Electronic toll collection (ETC) is a contactless toll collection method without mediation of a toll attendant in which the toll collection process is conducted by means of an ETC-device mounted on the windshield of the driver's car and the antenna in the toll lane. The ETC-device can be used by  users of all vehicle categories (IA, I, II, III and IV).

ETC - device can be used as electronic media for toll collection on the following motorways:

A1 Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik Motorway 
A3 Bregana - Zagreb - Lipovac Motorway
A4 Zagreb - Goričan Motorway 
A5 Beli Manastir - Osijek - Bosnia and Herzegovina Motorway
A6 Rijeka - Zagreb Motorway
A7 Rupa - Križišće Motorway
A10 Ploče - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border
A11 Zagreb - Sisak Motorway
D425 Ploče - Karamatići

on Istrian "Y" Motorway that is operated by Bina Istra, subject to the open BINA ISTRA ENC user account.

At peak traffic volumes at toll plazas the company Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. reserves the right to convert the toll lanes reserved for ETC into combined toll lanes where toll can be paid using an ETC device, by credit cards, foreign and national currency as well as with SMART card which should make the road speed at toll plazas greater.


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