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Issuance of consent

In accordance with the positive laws of the Republic of Croatia, every natural or legal person who performs the transport of dangerous goods, extraordinary transport with the motorway itinerary or performs works on the road land and / or the motorway protection zone, is obliged to obtain the consent from Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o.

PRINCIPAL CONDITIONS of performing emergency transport on motorway sections under the jurisdiction of HAC and ARZ

The new Ordinance on exceptional transport (Official Gazette 92/18) is recognized by category V of exceptional transport.
Considering the technical characteristics of the motorway, Croatian Motorways d.o.o. DO NOT ISSUES Approvals for performing emergency transportation for category I emergency transportation, an itinerary covering highway sections under the jurisdiction of HAC and ARZ.

However, in the event that, due to the specific nature of the technology of the work or the location of the works, it is planned to set up temporary traffic regulations to reduce the freeway pavement profile below 3.00 meters, the HAC shall notify the license issuer thereof, with the aim of informing them of the need to obtain the Consent. to perform emergency transportation.

Time limits for the passage of extraordinary transportation on shares under the jurisdiction of HAC and ARZ under normal traffic conditions:

between 07:00 and 20:00 for exceptional transport with a width of 3.50m whose itinerary includes tunnel sections,
between 07:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs for extraordinary transport with a width of 4.00m whose itinerary does not include tunnel sections,
between 05:00 and 22:00 for exceptional transport of 3.50m wide on the Rijeka bypass (A7) from Matulji to Orehovica.

Additional restrictions are possible in cases where there are certain restrictions on the motorway section in the form of work or holidays and holidays, all depending on the specifics of each extraordinary transport.


The cost of the Consent Issuance Procedure, the Notice on the Possibility of Carriage of Hazardous Substances and the Amendment and Approval of the Consent Issuance issued at the request of a party is defined by the Decision on the Determination of the Cost of the Consent Issuance and Notification Procedures, and amounts (without VAT):

performing extraordinary transport (processing costs) 100.00 kn
execution of works (processing costs) 300,00 kn
information on the possibility of transport of dangerous goods (processing costs) 50,00 kn
notification of the possibility of transporting explosive substances (processing costs) 50,00 kn


Please complete the Request on e-mail address: consent@hac.h


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