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About us

Mission, vision and core values


Hrvatske Autoceste, a limited liability company with the registered seat in Zagreb, operates, builds, reconstructs and maintains motorways. 


  The mission of Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. is to operate, construct and maintain motorways while ensuring safe and undisturbed traffic flow with a high level of social responsibility.   



As a modern and socially responsible company Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o., has been recognized for its considerate and responsible attitude towards customers, employees, environment and general public while making sure to keep the motorways under its operation among safest and most efficient in Croatia and the region. 



Competence and innovativeness 

Our employees are the most valuable asset in implementing the company's mission and vision and in creating the value of the company we are part of. Being open to new ideas and creativity, we are developping know-how and capabilities. 

Quality and business excellence 

While following the requests and expectations of all stakeholders we are increasing the quality of our products and services. Our goal is business excellence of the company. 


The company maintains a concientious and professional attitude towards customes, business partners, employees and assets. We affirm a zelo tolerance approach to corruption. The principles of business conduct are defined in the Code of Ethics. 

Responsibility towards environment 

We build, maintain and manage motorways in an environmentally safe manner. Our continous efforts are aimed at the development and constant improvement of the system of quality management system, health and safety.  



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